Welcome and thank you for allowing Maggie Mae’s the opportunity to be a part of so many people’s lives for so many years. This year, 2024, Maggie Mae’s is celebrating our 46th anniversary on Austin’s Sixth Street in the Live Music Capitol of the World.

There were dramatic and noteworthy changes and challenges over the years, but it always came back to giving folks a consistently entertaining night out.

Within the last 46 years of life, kids as well as grandkids were born, and sad goodbyes were said as people dear to us passed on. The same life events happened to Maggie’s patrons. People met here. Some in fact got married here. Kids were born, grew up, and are including Maggies in their own life stories. You see, Maggies is first and foremost a pub, which in British context means a public house – a place where the community gathered and shared the joys and concerns of the day.

Maggie’s friends are entirely too numerous to even attempt to mention. And any attempt would surely result in an unintended omission. But you don’t celebrate 46 years without the kind contributions of a lifetime of friends.

But first, a word about Maggie Mae. The real, original Maggie Mae.

Maggie Mae was a Lady of the Evening in old Liverpool. Lime Street to be specific. Her rightful clientele included the disembarking sailors, paid off after many months at sea.

She intoxicated them with charm and ale, rolled them in the hay, and then rolled them…period.

An outraged citizenry, once sober, clamored for justice. Maggie Mae was exiled to a penal colony, now called Australia.

Today, Maggie Mae’s has the ale, the atmosphere and the same gentle seduction. The rest, of course, is entirely up to you.

That’s our operating premise. And once again, sincere thanks to everyone who have made this ride possible.