Cow Parade Art

Nationally Renowned Artist Robert Hurst is known for his vibrant images of people and scenes from the world of sports, music and more. Considered to be one of the top sports artist in the country, he’s the Official Artist of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and the College Baseball Hall of Fame. He is also the iconic artist seen all over the walls of Maggie Mae’s Austin. We’re proud to announce that Robert Hurst will be participating in the current “Cow Parade” exhibition which is currently making a colorful splash on the streets of Austin.)

Meet Robert Hurst’s clever contribution to this fanciful artistic feat:

Her name is “Uddercup”. At 57 inches tall she is petite but not a push over. A huge sports fan she is torn as to which athlete is her favorite. “I’d do ’em all” she says with a naughty wink. Although of unknown origin, she is not concerned. She’s equally comfortable in crowds or going solo. She is looking for a welcoming home life, but not until late October when she is up for bid. You can see her at the corner of 5th and Lamar. On the Austin Cow Parade map, she is listed as “Texas Sports Holstein of Fame.” 

You can find more information about Robert Hurst at or about the Austin Cow Parade of 2011 at

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