Eddie Kramer

These two panels are some of Eddie Kramer’s iconic photographs which may be viewed in the Gibson Room at Maggie Mae’s.

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Rolling Stones at Olympic Studios, London 1967 Photo by Eddie Kramer Design by Peter Kavanaugh

This series of photos shows the original Stones during the recording of Beggars Banquet album. I engineered these sessions, with Jimmy Miller producing. Since I had worked with them previously on Satanic Majesties, Between The Buttons, and the Flowers albums, they felt fairly relaxed about me being around them with a camera. During these recordings the famed French film maker Jean-Luc Godard was making “Sympathy for the Devil” (known as “One Plus One” in the UK) – a documentary on the Stones. The expressions on the various members of the band reflect their various moods. Note the cool vintage Pepsi bottle on the screen! E. Kramer

Photo by Eddie Kramer Design by Peter Kavanaugh Jimi Hendrix at The Record Plant studios, NYC, 1968, recording "Electric Ladyland "The Writing Panel"

Jimi had the habit of making his final draft of a song he was working on just moments before he went into the studio to record the vocal. The panel assembled here shows Jimi putting the finishing touches to “Gypsy Eyes” from the many notes he kept with him usually written on hotel stationary, napkins, or matchbook covers.

These bits and pieces would be assembled on a yellow legal pad just prior to Jimi going into the studio to sing the final vocal.

One interesting observation is that he wrote right handed even though he played lefty. (However, the smoldering joint is in his left hand!) E. Kramer

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